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We also do Business Development

What does our Business Development in Real Estate Investment consist of?


- Support people who wish to acquire real estate, through the joint participation of Lawyers, Real Estate Agents or Mortgages Agents in Mexico or Canada,


- We work with real estate companies looking for land for new projects, the acquisition of residential, tourist, hotel or commercial lots, or properties for build-to-suit projects, the commercialization of the real estate inventory, negotiation, renewal of contracts, and coordination of projects involving our strategic alliances with Developers, Architects, Attorneys or Public Notaries, Real Estate Agents or Mortgage Agents in Mexico or Canada.


What does our Business Development in Companies activity consist of?


- Create synergies, strategic agreements, mergers and acquisitions, partnership policies and any other type of alliances to leverage the growth of companies within Mexico or in new markets in Canada,


- We understand the idea of ​​innovation that the company needs, we build the projects incorporating them in a Business Plan, we manage the legal requirements, and we strength it with our Strategic Alliances formed in Mexico and Canada.


1. Management and Evaluation of Legal Risk in a Real Estate Investment Strategy in Mexico

  • Control Risk

  • Agrarian

  • Environmental

  • Amparo and Litigation


2. Maritime & Port


3. Corporate and Companies

  • Business Strategies

  • Merger of companies

  • Civil and commercial contracts

  • Migratory


4. Commercial Public Faith (Notary and Corredor Publico)


5. Litigation & Arbitration


6. Criminal Process.

Management and Evaluation of Legal Risk in a Real Estate Investment Strategy in Mexico


- Risk Control

1. Investment's Legal Analysis for Real Estate Decisions in Mexico
2. Real Estate Due Diligence: To measure risks and opportunities in projects and investment transactions;
3. Judgments Analysis, liens and any legal obligation affecting the property and that are still pending.
4. Real Estate Contracts, Social Structures and Co-Investment for tourism development, hotel, residential and industrial;
5. Attorney aspects, registration and title research;
6. Land use: urban, tourist, residential and industrial.
7. Permits management and approvals for the development of real estate projects.

- Agrarian
1. Due Diligence Agrarian: Analysis for purchase and use of common lands;
2. Advice and representation in real estate transactions and land into the agrarian system of public lands;
3. Return of land, forests and waters;
4. Assistance in Agrarian Assemblies;
5. Representation administrative procedures to Agrarian Authorities.

- Environmental
1. Analysis and determination of environmental regulation that affects the planning and development of real estate, tourism and industry, for evaluation the decisions of responsibilities in this issues;
2. POELs Linking and / or the PDDUs Poets;
3. Environmental Impact and Land Use Change.

- Amparo and Litigation
1. Protection and Agricultural Procedures to determine the legal ownership of public lands and agricultural lands;
2. Nullity Judgments for non-agricultural duties;
3. Conflicts of common land tenure and agricultural estates;
4. Land boundary disputes.



Maritime Law & Shipping Business

1. Registration and regulation of vessels.
2. Contracts of exploitation and nautical activities and recreational sports.
3. Shipping Companies.
4. Permits to use ports and marinas
5. Accidents at sea.  

Corporate and Companies
1. Corporate Law:

  • Corporate Due Diligence: Auditing and assessment of business operation,

  • Sale of shares, capital increase and decrease,

  • Regularization of companies

2. Business Strategies:

  • Foreign Investment and implementation of business in Mexico,

  • Strategic Alliances, Holdings, subsidiaries and joint ventures,

  • Trusts

3.  Civil and commercial contracts.
4. Migratory

Commercial Public Faith (Notary and Corredor)

1. Constitution of Commercial Corporations, Financial Institutions, Cooperatives, Rural, and so on.
2. Development and Formalization of Assembly members,
3. Organic Representation of companies,
4. Certification of documents
5. Ratification of Signatures

Litigation & Arbitration

1. Constitutional Control Procedures and Actions of Unconstitutionality and constitutional disputes.
2. Recourse to the administrative authorities;
3. Trials for annulment to the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice and the courts of administrative litigation;
4. Proceedings to the Federal Consumer Protection;
5. Proceedings to the National Medical Arbitration Commission;
6. Demands for protection against laws and acts of administrative authorities;
7. Consultancy in civil litigation with goods and / or persons, marital status, property and ownership, hereditary succession, and so on.
8. Advice and litigation in court cases in favor of companies for the protection of all those acts performed between these, leading to commercial relations.
9. We represent the interests of our clients in mediation and arbitration to any of the administrative institutions of Mexico or international arbitration with a party located abroad.


Criminal Process

We assist and represent our clients in the process of filing or answering complaints to the fiscal prosecutor to follow and consigned properly the files to the judge, and then conduct criminal proceedings in different instances of the trial until the issue of the judgment, and if necessary, we defend or challenge the judgment in impeachment proceedings, appeal and amparo.

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